VAWG Survey

We are living in changing times.  The reality of Violence against Women and Girls is felt all around us.  Even more so over the past few weeks with heightened media coverage of the dreadful loss of lives, we have seen.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has been looking at this specific issue for some time now.  We have invested in resources to look at long-term solutions to address specifically domestic abuse but this agenda goes way beyond violence in the home.

We want to build a profile of the experiences of Women and Girls in the Humber area.  We have commissioned Dr. Jessica Taylor to do this work for us as someone who has run a national version of this survey before.

I am sending you this as someone that I think can share this in your network, on your organisation’s intranet, through your social media, send it to your friends, your family, your peers.  I am sending you it as I think you have the potential to help us build a real picture of what Violence against Women and Girls looks like in our area and therefore give us a better idea of what we can do to work collectively to address the issue.

We are seeking the views of Women and Girls over the age of 16 and residing in the Humber area.

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