Erasmus+ Programme

Between 2021-2023 Young people from The Hut dedicated their time to an environmental project called ‘Trees4Seas’ which saw them investigate the effects of climate change and inject youth voice into raising awareness within the local area.

As a result, they have developed a community nature trail using an app called Actionbound which runs alongside a physical trail in Alderman Kneeshaw Park and a selection of FREE to download games to not only educate, but inspire greater care and consideration for our actions on the environment – whilst also have lots of fun too!

Looking for ways to get out and about exploring nature? Then why not take part in the ‘Alderman Kneeshaw Nature Trail’ 

The free Actionbound App unlocks fun interactive challenges for you to complete along the trail that are sure to get you giggling!

Top-tip to save mobile data – download the action bound trail before leaving home, then use it off-line when you are in the park

As part of the Erasmus project outputs, the young people have been busy creating some educational resources, including these incredible climate change themed games!

These games have now been adapted into easy access downloads with handy ‘how to play’ instructions, making climate action fun and accessible to all.

You can download the resources to play the games below.


Young Citizens for Change

Partnered with the University of Hull, Green Influencers based out of Child Dynamix’s The Hut Youth Centre have had the incredible opportunity to expand their environmental work by joining an Erasmus+ Program: Young Citizens for Change.

This youth inquiry program saw 9 individuals aged 12-18 embark on an exploration into climate action, the way it impacts both sea and land and, by sharing messages and knowledge, how they could help inspire change in their community.

The opportunity saw young people work collaboratively with students from Spain, Germany and Norway during student mobility events, directly sharing their work and taking part in workshops in Valencia, Spain (October 2022) and Bremerhaven, Germany (February 2023).

Their inquiry also saw them discovering climate impacts closer to home; visiting the Project Seagrass Nursery in Wales, immersing themselves in natural wild spaces, partnering with The Deep aquarium in Hull to undertake a digital takeover to share key messages around ocean conservation, planting trees, conducting beach cleans at Spurn Point and developing an interactive Nature Trail with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to be installed within a local park in the city.

Their enthusiasm for the project has also led them to develop games and resources to help raise awareness and learning in a fun and informal way.


What young people say about getting involved in environmental projects:

Environmental Projects

We have a skilled and experienced team of Youth and Community Practitioners and Green Mentors who are able to support the development of Green Influencers in youth centres and schools. If you are from Hull and have an idea for an environmental project but you’re not sure how to get started or you’re a teacher from a school who has a number of pupils who would benefit from this type of project contact us and we may be able to help. or call on 01482 781121

If you see us in the community, why not tweet us or tag us on Facebook! Just use the hashtag #greeninfluencers and tag @childdynamix and @grn_influencers

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