Parent Peer Mentors

As part of the charity’s family support provision, the HeadStart funded Parent Peer Mentoring Project was a programme for families with children aged 10 to 16 years. As a city-wide programme, the project valued the role parents play in the life of their children aiming to improve emotional wellbeing and build resilience within families, children and young people. Parents received one to one support and time from a parent to a parent. They were offered a listening ear, support to access a range of services and encouragement to identify areas of change to build a happy family home. Mentors were parents themselves and received comprehensive training with access to learning and development, an enhanced DBS check and regular individual and group supervision.

If you need any further information about the project please contact Child Dynamix Head Office on 01482 221425.

Feedback from the mentors about the training:

“I have recognised some things within myself that I have improved on since starting the course and I am very happy that the training has helped me to interact and feel confident enough. Everyone is encouraging – a fantastic experience so far!”

“I really enjoyed my experience of learning about mentorship. The tutors were fantastic, very knowledgeable, fun and engaging”

 “the volunteering that I do has given me the confidence to do a CV to eventually seek employment”

Feedback and outcomes from parents receiving one to one mentoring support:

“It was nice to talk to someone who has kids with additional needs, they understand where you are coming from. Really friendly, easy to talk to, gives good advice”

“The mentor was lovely, we had lots in common. It was really useful to have someone to talk to, get things off my chest, and not worry that the other person would get upset. It really motivated me”

“The mentoring was really good, has really helped us as a family, its non-judgemental and would highly recommend to anyone”

“I feel really good about myself and my anxiety has gone down to what it was and I am more confident in myself that I can do it on my own”

“I feel I am stronger person and I now have a diary in place to help me. My Mentor has helped me to stay focussed and I can do anything I put my mind to”

 “I found it really helpful and feel more confident. I did not realise how many places there was to get help. I would not have been able to do all this without the help of my mentor.”

Melanie Lowe

My name is Melanie, I have been part of the Child Dynamix family for 12 years and I’ve loved every second. I began work as a Receptionist and after a period of time I moved into the position of managing the charity shops

Throughout these 12 years my motivation and focus has always been about supporting families, this passion led me on to my current role as Parent Peer Mentor Worker.
I’m fortunate to be able to work with families on a one to one basis offering various levels of support and I love nothing more than seeing families thrive.

Sophie White

I have been working for Child Dynamix since 2015 and I started as Receptionist at the Head Office on Preston Road. Since working at the Charity I have had opportunities to progress further and volunteered within the Little Stars Children’s Centre Family Support Team, worked at the Charity shops, helped in the nursery as well as the Youth Team at The Hut. I’m now working for the Parent Peer Mentor team. I feel I have had experience in all areas within Child Dynamix and I really love working here and being a part of all the different teams and projects.

Liz Hammond

My name is Liz Hammond and I have worked for Child Dynamix for the last 10 years. My first role was developing community based play projects working alongside local residents and community groups. I was then offered an opportunity to develop and manage the Parent Peer Mentor Project. I love working with our volunteer mentors and the families we support. My passion is hearing people stories, encouraging growth and witnessing positive change.

Julie Lee

I have worked with children, families and parents in various roles for over 25 years.

I am a parent myself and appreciate how difficult that can be. I am passionate about Parenting Support and enjoy working with parents in a one to one or as part of our Talking Teens workshops and POTS Group [Parents of Teens social group].

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, I like to spend time outside walking or in the garden and I also enjoy a dance and a good laugh!  

Selina Evison

Hi I am Selina Evison, I work within the HeadStart Parent Peer Mentoring team. I work in the East of the City offering support and guidance with a nurturing, passionate and caring approach. I enjoy helping families build their resilience and reach positive goals. As part of my role I have the wonderful opportunity of working with volunteers who also thrive to success, I really enjoy helping and watching people grow.

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