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We have 3 nurseries; Preston Road, and Savoy Road in east Hull and Boulevard in west Hull. Each offer full and part time places, take 2, 3 and 4 year old early education funding. They offer crèche provision as well as places for parents who are studying, taking up work placement or qualification. Each offers holiday clubs for primary school age children.

Yes you can! We are doing things differently due to Covid restrictions, but we can arrange for you to look around before 7.30 or after 6pm. We know this isn’t ideal and have lots of photos and videos to help you get a feel for each of our settings. If you decide to take up a place, we still offer the same support to help settle you and your children into nursery life.

You can ring the Little Stars Children’s Centre, 01482 790277 and we can take some details from you. As Little Stars Children’s Centre is part of Hull’s Early Help offer you can also make a request using this link: Each house in the city is linked to a Children’s Centre, so if Little Stars isn’t your nearest Centre we can make sure you get support from another team.

Our sessions are currently on-line each Thursday 10 – 11am for children up to 12 months. We will shortly resume face to face sessions. You can contact the Centre and leave your details and we will be in touch when these restart. Also follow us on Facebook: Little Stars Children’s Centre – lots of information about what we do is regularly posted there.

Bump to Baby and Beyond supports parents-to-be in pregnancy and early infancy. There’s more information on this website and you can contact the Centre for more information. This project forms part of Hull’s Early Help offer and you can make a direct request for help using this link: Please include Bump to Baby and Beyond and Sophie Garner in your request. The project works in specific parts of the city, if you are not in the postcode we will make sure you still get the help you need.

You need to be a parent with experience of parenting a teenager, and be able to offer a listening ear and draw on your own experiences to help another parent. Following your training, you will need to give regular time each week to another parent. There’s lots of information on this site and Liz Hammond is the project lead and can answer your questions: 01482 799070 or

Our Parent Peer Mentor service is part of HeadStart Hull. If you feel that support from a parent mentor would help you, please contact Liz on 01482 799070, 07519567794 or email You can refer yourself to the project through this link: where you will also find lots of helpful information and resources.

Currently face to face sessions are not available however when sessions do resume, we recommend that your baby needs to be at least 6 weeks old. Please call us on 01482 790277 and we can check you have called your local centre and add you onto the waiting list. One of our team will be in touch when the courses resume. Our Facebook page has videos of the baby massage course which you can watch at home.  

Our youth sessions are free to access. A contribution may be needed towards any trips or residentials. Our Children Centre session are £1 donation per family.

The children centre has a range of children’s clothes which people do not need anymore. We know children grow quickly and the rail can be a big help. You can swap clothes or make a small donation, if you cannot do either of these we are happy for you to take the clothes that your children.  Just pop to the Children’s centre and let reception staff know you would like to use this service. They’ll need to take some details from you, just to register you so we know how many people use the service.   Please remember if you need any additional financial support please ask to speak to a family support worker and we can help you.

At the moment some of our sessions are in smaller groups or online – we are planning to resume face to face sessions shortly. There’s more information on this website including a map and dates and times of our usual sessions as well as what we are doing on line.

If you would like one to one support contact us on 01482 781121 and we can arrange something with you.

All of our room hire starts at £15 per hour. Since we have different spaces available with different resources, each space varies in price depending on which room(s) you book and how long you want to use it for. We’re more than happy to make reoccurring bookings and figure out a great deal if you’re looking to host a regular meeting, workshop or activity class. To discuss hiring our spaces, just email Ellie at

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