Meet Our Youth Team

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Paul Clark

I joined the Youth Team in 2008 and I have been on a fantastic journey ever since.

I’ve had many amazing opportunities to be involved with lots of activities and projects with young people that include – music, dance, physical challenges, nature and the outdoors, and even travelling to Norway.

Being able to share my hobbies, skills and passions such as lyric writing and creative arts, makes work so enjoyable. But, I mostly enjoy building relationship with young people and seeing their own personal development and journeys!

liam r

Liam Rustil

Hello there, a bit about me, I love a lot of aspects of youth work such as the sport activities we deliver and the creative side such as our arts and craft projects.

I love providing opportunities for young people and being a part of this great team, although I am fairly new to the world of youth work however; I have already been a part of many great moments since joining the Child Dynamix family.

I have created special relationships with a lot of our young people and I’m excited for all the future experiences and memories we can create for them.


Suzanne Rowe

Hi I’m Suzy and I have been part of the youth team since March 2022.

I love to get creative and enjoy water sports and walking – being in nature is my passion, so leading on the Green Influencers and Erasmus projects has been an amazing experience – for young people and me! I’m a big advocate for the benefits of using nature for positive mental health and wellbeing.

Spending most of my career working in conservation, I’m relatively new to youth work. Everyone here offers something different, and I feel lucky to have such a supportive group of skilled workers alongside me.

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Mark Dudding

Hello everyone I am Mark one of the youth workers here at Child Dynamix, I love all sporting activities including football and keeping active at gym. I also love food (eating more than making) and trying new things.

The thing I love about our team is how diverse it is with each individual having great and different talents; and different ways of working with the young people, helping me to also learn to be a better Youth worker.

Demi Thomas

Demi Thomas

My name is Demi and I have been a part of the Youth Team since 2013

I enjoy working with young people, providing a safe space and fun activities to engage in

I’ve been involved in loads of activities at Child Dynamix including, outdoor nature, sports, arts/crafts, cooking, summer trips

I really enjoy been able to incorporate my skills in sport into activities with young people.

I play football and rugby in my spare time!

I have been a part of the youth team at Child Dynamix for 7 years, including projects such as, Rock Challenge, ASDAN awards, sports tournaments and so much more! Sports are my passion – mainly football and I get to incorporate my passion for sport through activities I deliver.

Most of my working hours are spent engaging with local young people in and around the community. I’ve had some challenging times but also had some great experiences.


Wendie McKie

I’m Wendie I’m a youth worker and in my spare time I enjoy  watching and playing rugby.

I  currently play rugby for Hull Kingston Rovers Women and Hull Ionians Women. 

becky s

Becky Smith

I am passionate about young people having a voice that is heard and their views are listened to.

I love being part of a team that promotes gender equality and the amazing group of people it allows me to work with.

Amy Robinson. website bio

Amy Robinson

I am the Nature Ranger and the Blue Mentor for Child Dynamix.

I am extremely passionate about youth work and helping support young people to achieve their goals. I enjoy all things nature based and been outdoors so been able to teach children and young people about nature and our environment gives me great satisfaction.

jodie c

Jodie Cox

I am new to Youth Work but after starting my apprenticeship in customer service in 2022 and becoming a project support assistant for the youth team I have had some great opportunities to get involved working with the young people.

I am very excited to continue my journey as part of the Child Dynamix team.

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