Meet Our Youth Team

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Paul Clark

I have been at Child Dynamix now for over 12 years and I have gained many amazing experiences working with local young people. Being in the Youth Team is challenging and rewarding, and I love that my hobbies and interests can be part of my work, such as art and music.

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Danielle Tyson

Hi my name’s Danielle, I work as part of the youth team. I have a few hobbies which range from gardening, reading books, arts and craft and I normally have a tea or coffee next to me. The youth team is a great reward for me as the young people are always showing me new things and getting my brain going and thinking of the next new thing we can all do together. They make my work not feel like work – every day there is something different and the young people give me so much inspiration on which I hope I can give back to them as well. 

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Dean Harris

Hi my name is Dean I have been at Child Dynamix for nearly 2 years now. I started when I did my work experience and then I was lucky enough to get myself an apprenticeship to become a fully qualified youth worker. I have had such an amazing time and such amazing experiences with the youth team. I always wanted to do work with young people and to get to call it my job is a dream come true. I couldn’t imagine been a part of any other team.

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Mark Dudding

Hello everyone I am Mark one of the youth workers here at Child Dynamix, I love all sporting activities including football and keeping active at gym. I also love food (eating more than making) and trying new things. The thing I love about our team is how diverse it is with each individual having great and different talents; and different ways of working with the young people, helping me to also learn to be a better Youth worker.

Demi Thomas

Demi Thomas

I have been a part of the youth team at Child Dynamix for 7 years, including projects such as, Rock Challenge, ASDAN awards, sports tournaments and so much more! Sports are my passion – mainly football and I get to incorporate my passion for sport through activities I deliver. Most of my working hours are spent engaging with local young people in and around the community. I’ve had some challenging times but also had some great experiences.


Wendie McKie

I’m Wendie I’m a youth worker and in my spare time I enjoy  watching and playing rugby. I  currently play rugby for Hull Kingston Rovers Women and Hull Ionians Women. 

les moss photo

Les Moss

I am the project coordinator for Youth in Nature and the lead youth worker for our wild education programme and the Green Influencers scheme.  I am a qualified youth worker, forest school leader and ASDAN assessor committed to providing inspirational outdoor activities and educational opportunities for young people, especially those young people who may not normally access the outdoors.

James's bio photo

James McWilliam

I’m James, I am 22 years old and am originally from Nottingham. I have recently, started a new role in Child Dynamix as Community Facilitator. My new role means that I am here to support families and young people within the local community to be more active by supporting their ideas for being more active through the What’s Your Game Project. Whether it is gardening, sports or just going for walks I am here to help the community engage in their fitness!

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