Child Dynamix is contracted to deliver Little Stars Family Hub as part of Hull’s Early Help offer.

We work in partnership with a range of other organisations, including our own on-site day nursery to provide services and opportunities for local children and their families.

Working together – family support

We work closely with health colleagues such as local Health Visitors and Midwives, as well as schools, Social Workers, Preston Road Women’s Centre and EMS.

Anyone can make a referral or ask for help for themselves or someone they know or work with. We offer support around a range of themes such as;

  • Managing children’s behaviour
  • Understanding children’s emotional well-being and development
  • Support with housing applications
  • Ante-natal support
  • Home safety
  • Managing money
  • Managing your home

This is achieved though one-to-ones, small group work, courses and sessions.

Request help 

If you would like to discuss a problem, or request some support for yourself or someone else please get in touch.

You can call us on 01482 790277, as Little Stars Family Hub is part of Hull’s Early Help offer you can also make a request using this link: 

Sessions and courses

We also offer a range of on-line and face to face parenting courses.

Solihull is an online parenting course, which can be accessed by parents living in Hull using this link: here and using the password: FREEDOM.

Family Links Nurturing and Incredible Years are usually delivered in a small group, across a range of venues in the city. To find out more and understand which might better suit you and your circumstances. You can also find family and parenting courses through Adult Education.

Stay and play!

We provide two weekly stay and play sessions Stories for Talking and Splatter Chatter.

Our sessions are aimed at the age and stage of development of the children who attend, they are also perfect opportunities for you to meet other local families.


Little Stars Family Hub, 95 Preston Road, Hull HU9 3QB

Stories For Talking  (ages 2 – 5)
10:00 am – 11:00 am

Splatter Chatter (ages 0 – 2)
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Cooking on a Budget and HENRY courses are perfect for families with young children. Cooking on a Budget helps to improve cooking skills and meals made from nutritious ingredients. Our HENRY course covers family meals, physical activity and enjoying family life.

For any questions about sessions and courses feel free to get in touch with the centre 01482 790277 or use our contact form here 

Download our Activity Guide

If you would like to see  details of all our sessions and activities.

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Download the latest Activity Guide here
Bio picture - Nicki Kirby

Nicki Kirby

My name is Nicki, I have worked for Child Dynamix for 10 and a half years. I started working within our Preston Road nursery as a supply member of staff, during my time there I had some great opportunities to progress to Assistant Manager. In my role I have worked as Assistant Manager across all three of our nursery settings until last year when I joined the Family Support Team at Little Stars Children’s Centre. I have loved working with children and seeing them progress over the time I spent working in the nurseries and now I find it very rewarding to be able to help, advise and support the families I work with.

Bio picture - Sophie Garner

Sophie Garner

My name is Sophie, I have worked for Child Dynamix for 12 Years. I always knew my passion was to work with children and to provide the best care to them. I studied Childcare at College and when I left started working at the Preston Road Nursery. I was part of the team for 7 years where I gained lots of knowledge and experience.

Lucky for me, a fantastic opportunity came up as a Family Support Worker in Little Stars Children’s Centre, which I successfully applied for. I am currently working within the Family Support team and my role is still a Family Support Worker however I now lead my own project called Bump to Baby and Beyond. I have led the project since July 2018. I am very lucky to help change the lives of children and families within the community, this is my passion.

Bio picture - Aimee Mellor

Aimee Mellor

Hi my name is Aimee. After leaving school I decided to study Child Care at Hull College, after which I decided to mix my two passions together and became a children’s holiday rep….. I love to see children having fun and of course love a sunny holiday! Upon my return I was employed by Child Dynamix and spent 12 years within Preston Road Nursery becoming Assistant Manager before moving into the Children’s Centre team as a Family Support Worker. I have now worked for Child Dynamix for 14 years. I love my job, I get to meet and support lots of different families and I work in a great team.

Bio picture - Janette Silburn

Janette Silburn

I’m Janette and I’ve worked in the Family Support Team for almost 2 years.  I was born in a house on Marfleet lane and spent my childhood playing in the area and going to Flinton Primary (now Woodland School) so I know the area well.  I am a mum of three and a grandma of three.  When my children were young I became a registered childminder and I also set up a local playgroup.  I went on to support children and families in various roles and now have 30 years’ experience.  

As the Senior Family Support Worker there is nothing better than being invited into your home to support you in managing the challenges that parenting can bring, and giving you skills and confidence to build the family life you’d like. Every family and every day is different and that’s why I love what I do.

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