Bigger Youth Projects

Alongside our weekly sessions which you are always welcome to join, we work on some bigger projects such as:

Future Music Collective

Future Music Collective was a 2-year project funded by Youth Music and is a partnership between Child Dynamix and the DJ Methodz Academy. The project has now come to an end.  Read More

Music and Creative Events

We host and join lots of different music and creative events all through the year. This means we can focus on the style of music you like, and want to create. These events are great opportunities to show off what you can do and give you a platform to perform in front of an audience.

Street Car Racing

We love getting involved with the Hull street race where we can show off our amazing KitCar the ‘Dynamic Destroyer’!

Street Car Racing is such a fun and challenging experience – you get to drive and compete in fantastic events with cars from across the country, plus an opportunity to gain lots of new skills and show off the skills you already have, such as teamwork and problem-solving. You also learn about how to run and maintain the car!

Outdoor Activities

We like to be out and about whenever we can, meeting new people and helping in our community. The Humber Night Challenge is a favourite and we always get involved in! The Night Challenge is all about trekking through the night and taking on all sorts of challenges along the way. It’s great fun, we can get lost but last year we won!

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