Teenagers, it can be a difficult time for you and them!

Being a Parent of a Teenager – here’s the first of six short videos helping us to better understand our teenagers, including the differences between how you and they perceive your relationship with each other how they need guidance and support and not nagging and criticism and remembering Teenagers are both independent and dependant and could be considered as Trainee Adults!

There are six short videos, each one focusing on different aspects of parenting a teenager and the issues and conflicts you could face.

After receiving funding from TNL Community Fund and Headstart Hull, we have created 6 videos to help parents of teenagers get through what can be a challenging phase. With thanks to Liz Hammond, our Parent Peer Mentor Lead, and Jonathan Richards for shooting and editing the videos.

If you are struggling to communicate with your Trainee Adult or would like some support or guidance contact our Parent Peer Mentor Team 01482 799070

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