Bin The Bottle

Using a bottle beyond 12 months can:

  • Increase the chances of tooth decay due to liquids having prolonged contact with the teeth

  • Effect how the teeth develop

  • Prevent development of the muscles needed for speech

Children should be encouraged to use a free flow beaker cup from 6 months of age.

These cups:

  • Allow liquid to flow freely

  • Teach children how to sip their drink, rather than suck

  • Helps to develop the skills required for drinking from a cup

Why not swap your bottle for one of our beaker cups?

Bin The Bottle !

Join our Bin The Bottle event during Learn Through Play session on Wednesday 18th October 2023 starting at 1.30pm come and speak to representatives from Harrogate Oral Health Team.

No Booking Required, just turn up!

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