The People Who Inspire Us!

Our Erasmus Group and Green Influencers have been exploring different methods of communication with the group we looked into their views on the use of art, music, infographics, posters, verbal communication, games, social media, creative writing – and good old fashioned hand written letters, which adds a real personal touch – to find a medium they were comfortable using to share their work and inspire change.

Growing up in a digital age, many of them naturally gravitated toward those options, but some were keen to try the letter writing option.

The group chose from a number of influential and greatly admired people within the UK  including; Steve Backshall, Ben Fogle, Chris Packham, Megan McCubbin even to the likes of their A-lister idols like Harry Styles and Tom Holland – and of course Sir David Attenborough.

We were absolutely thrilled to receive a reply from Sir David Attenborough himself, supporting the efforts and voices of young people working to make a difference for the environment and their community.


“Thank you for your letter. Your project sounds a most valuable one and I wish you every success with it.”

Yours Sincerely, David Attenborough.

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