The Lozenge

The award-winning Youth in Nature project is working with the site affectionately named, the Lozenge to increase young people’s ownership of the site and contribute to tackling existing social issues in the area.

The project sees young people aged 11 to 24 help to create and improve areas for wildlife, whilst allowing members to improve their knowledge of environmental issues and learn land management skills.

Child Dynamix is currently developing the space (with support from young people) that will make it more appealing to the general public (local residents parents and children) as well as creating a space to deliver outdoor education activities (with trained and qualified members of staff) which includes

  • Creating rest/activity areas including seating and Information boards (Bug and animal I.D)
  • Signage posts on different sections of pathways
  • A conversation circle (for fire and wild cooking as well as general conversations with young people)
  • Enhancing the biodiversity by including bird boxers bug hotels and wildflowers and new trees

Find out more about how Hull City Council has helped make this possible: 

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