The Youth in Nature project helps young people aged 11 to 24 to create or improve local wildlife zones within communities, whilst improving their own knowledge and understanding of issues relating to the natural world and the environment.

Over the last year, the children and young people have planned designed and achieved a wide range of outcomes and experienced trips to Myers Beck, Dalby Forest, Yorkshire Dales Flamborough sealife centre, Spurn Nature reserve and the Derbyshire Dales.

Click the links below to see some of the Youth in Nature highlights since last summer.

All if this would not have been achievable if it were not for the staff and volunteers at the listed organisations below who supported the project offering time, expertise and resources. Thank you!

  • Astra Youth Centre
  • WJ Components
  • GJ Eco services
  • Rocky Clark
  • David Braysmith
  • The Hut - Child Dynamix
  • Rooting in Hull
  • Myers Beck