Parent Peer Mentors offer one to one support and time, from a parent to a parent. You can access support from a Mentor who is a volunteer and has received training and a police check. They will offer a listening ear and support. They can also help to access services and identify areas of change in order to build a happy family home.

Could you be a mentor, are you a parent who can draw on their own experiences, are you able to listen and not judge and have you time to offer to support another parent? You could be a mentor and Child Dynamix can offer you opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge so you can help others.

We have Parent Peer Mentor opportunities supporting parents with children aged from 10 to 16 years old, to access support, or for more details on becoming a volunteer with either of our Parent Peer Mentor projects please contact:


  Aged: 10 - 16
  Name: Liz Hammond
  Phone: 01482 221425


Please see below for testimonials from some of our current Parent Peer Mentors and the people that they have supported;

"They were the best team i've worked with. These women are easy to talk to, very supportive. They are good at having people feel worthy and having faith in myself. The impact on my life has been massive" 

Supported Parent - (October 2018)

"I feel part of a team and have learnt new skills. I would love to do this as a full time job"

Parent Peer Mentor - (June 2018)

"The training has been excellent very comprehensive"

Parent Peer Mentor - (June 2018)

"The support and training has been fantastic"

Parent Peer Mentor - (June 2018)

"I think the mentors are amazing, I wouldn't be where I am today without the support. I am so grateful. It is has given me the confidence to open my debt letters. I know now it’s not a dark place out there and there is help if I need it."

Supported Parent - (March 2018)

"I feel the Mentor has helped me massively to find my inner strength and focus on myself and my family, I felt lost before she came along."

Supported Parent - (May 2018)