National Play Day - LogoCircus Family Fun!

The 15th festival in Hull took place in Queens Gardens on Wednesday 1st August, which became a huge outdoor playground where children, young people and families to have a fun filled day, taking part in the annual celebration of the importance of play.

To celebrate 250 years since the first circus took place in Britain, the event saw Queens Garden's transformed with a range of fun circus activities which included tightrope and stilt walking, plate spinning and a circus ariel activity. Children young people (and adults) also took part in circus-themed arts and crafts and made clown hats, ringmaster top hats.

Below are some photographs which were taken at the event.

People gathering around and listening to music at National Play Day 2018 Crowds of people at National Playday event in Queens Garden's Hull Child playing  stall game at National Play Day in Hull 


The event was attended by 1000's of children, young people and families from Hull and the surrounding areas, as well as Hull's very, own A-List celebrity Mr Peter Levy from BBC Look  North.

BBC Look North News crew and  Peter Levy smiling! At National Play Day in Hull 2018