WICKETZ EVENT - 29/05/2019


The Wicketz event at the Shelley Avenue Community Sports Centre took place on the 29th May 2019 from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm, the event was a culmination of a 6 week Kwik Cricket project organised by Streetgames and the Wicketz project, the event featured on a Kwik Cricket Tournament bringing groups together form the North, East, West, areas of Hull to compete.


The teams taking part in the event were Child Dynamix, The Tigers Trust, Achieve Potentials, St Micheals, Costello park, it was great to see the teams coming in buses, cars, on bikes and on foot, the Child Dynamix team of young people helped set up equipment, banners, tables, chairs, flags, table displays, food drinks, event tent, in readiness for the teams arriving.

The event featured music from DJ Santino which was hugely popular with the young people, DJ Santino provided DJ lessons allowing them to use the DJ decks, the NCOP University Staff team provided a great indoor activity involving escape room challenges. Street Games staff and Wicketz staff provided a great selection of food and drinks for the young people and organised the activities, games, equipment at the event throughout the day, plus free t-shirts, hoodies, medals, trophies for the young people.

The event was a great success and the venue was perfect to host it, we had a few rain showers on the day but this did not affect the activities, all matches were played and completed with St Micheals winning the event with Child Dynamix a very close second place, all players on the day received a medal and a few star players received a trophy for exceptional cricketing skills. 

All teams played with a good spirit and got on well with each other, Child Dynamix provided some extra sports activities at the event, the pop up Astroturf Tennis court as very popular and also the football on the MUGA, on reflection the event was a great day with over 40 young people taking part and increasing the participation in cricket in the Hull area.