Hull 10k and Half Marathon 2021

Greetings everyone and welcome back to the Child Dynamix Hull 10K Newsletter! It’s been a tough and uncertain time for many of us during these past few months, and we hope this email reaches you well. As you may already know, the Hull Running Festival has been postponed until Sunday, June 6th 2021 which is a bit of a difference from what we anticipated! We know that many of you had trained tirelessly before lockdown to be ready to run for us back in April and training schedules may have changed quite suddenly!

We would like you to remember that everyone has had different experiences in lockdown. Some of you may have pushed exercising and running to the max and may have already run 10k whilst others of you may not have been able to get out and exercise or may not have been in the right frame of mind. Whichever situation you’re in, we want to let you know that it’s okay. As long as you’ve been doing what’s best for you, that’s what counts the most.

We know you will have questions and we have added an FAQ below about your Child Dynamix entry.

Do I still have a place?

Well since we’ve got a new date, all runners have automatically been allocated a place and we’re excited to start getting ready and gearing up for our next Hull Running Festival! We’re really thrilled for you all to still be involved and we’ll be sending out our newsletters in the build-up to the festival! If you haven’t been training, don’t worry about it, we’ve compiled some tips to help you get the momentum back up!

What if I can’t take part?

If, for whatever reason, you are not able to take part in the Hull 10k or Hull Half Marathon in 2021 please contact Matthew Thomson as soon as possible who will be able to withdraw you from the event and allow the charity to assign the space to a new runner.

What happens to my fundraising?

Don’t worry, all funds raised will be carried over to the new date event, if you have created a Fundraising page you will be able to log in and update the details and keep sharing your links with Child Dynamix so we can share on our social media.

You can track the progress by visiting our Just Giving fundraising page  or make a donation to our Hull 10k and Hull Half Marathon fundraising campaign  by clicking the donate button below


What if I stopped training?

It may be quite daunting trying to get an exercise routine back into your life if you’ve not gone running for a few months, but don’t panic, there will be a lot of people in your situation! Take a look at our #TopTips to getting back into running and remember the change of date has given us longer to prepare and improve our fitness levels.

Don’t forget, our Community Facilitator Ben Wood was hosting a running group for beginners to experienced runners. Although that group isn’t operating currently, keep an eye out for new exciting opportunities to come! If you’re looking to set goals but don’t know where to begin, you can drop Ben an email at Ben Wood who will help you make a personalised goal sheet which fitted to you and your running needs!

#TopTips for getting back into training

  1. Take it slow – Sometimes we don’t want to have to wait to achieve our goals (especially if we were close to them before!), but everything requires a little patience! Maybe start off with small running goals so as to make sure your body can adjust at a reasonable speed and to avoid injury. Maybe start with doing a couch to 5k to get you back to basics before pushing for the 10K marker (NHS offer a FREE couch to 5K app!).
  2. Talk to others Sometimes the best way to get motivated and to get some encouragement is to talk to others. If someone you know has continued running through lockdown or has been keen to get started again, maybe ask them for some of their tips or even go for a jog or a run together - but keep within the two-metre guidelines from the government!
  3. Reward yourself! – Remember to acknowledge your successes! You may not be where you were a few months ago, but you’re still going out and doing it! Even on days which may seem really tough make sure you acknowledge your willingness to achieve by giving yourself a little reward for all the hard work!

Get in contact with us!

If you would like to send us in any updates about how you’ve been training during the lockdown or coming out of lockdown, we’d love to know! To be included in the next newsletter, please email Ellie Richards!

Exercise, Covid-19 and Government guidelines

If you are still unsure as to what the rules are in regards to exercising outside of your home or at a gym, you can find all of the government guidelines by clicking the link below:

Exercise and Covid-19